Softer! development has been stopped at version 0.4 .

Last Softer! published version: 0.4

Known bug list, still waiting to be solved

This is the list of the errors still present in Softer! and that I'm going to solve in next releases. I encorage you, if you find some new bug, to tell me on the forum :)

  • Softer! doesn't work correctly on some foreign systems (American? Germany? ... and maybe more). This is due, in the 99% of the cases, to problems with date/time determination, that is done in different formats, depending from the language of the client PC. I'm currently working on a new Softer! version that will fix (finally!) these errors.
  • Lackness of parts of the TV programmation for a channel ("holes" between TV programs) can cause errors and unexpected close of Softer!. This is not a real Softer! bug: EPG must be (theorically) complete, with "dummy" programs if EPG for a channel/time is not available. Anyway, in future releases I will try to make Softer! understand and manage eventual programmation holes.
  • Sometimes the automatic resizing of the main Softer! window doesn't work correctly.

Future functions to be added

  • "Free" moves into the graphical bar-style timeline: I want to give the opportunity to move on the X-axis (the time), to browse also TV programs after the 7th.