Softer! development has been stopped at version 0.4 .

Last Softer! published version: 0.4
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Softer! ver. 0.4 (10 Mar 05)

Addon for MyTheatre users (see online manual, "First installation -> MyTheatre" section)

This new Softer! release introduces following changes:

  • Code for Timeline EPG was totally rewritten, to speed it up and to give improved compatibility on systems with international settings (date/time formats). Now loading of every EPG table is done once, on opening, so browsing throught different pages is immediate.
  • Using ActiveResize control, resizing of main OSD window of Softer! should work correctly with a large number of video resolutions.

Informations for users that updates Softer! from previous versions:
Overwrite with new files at least:
- Softer.exe
- softer_lang folder