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10 Mar 05
Softer! new version 0.4: a part of the code was totally rewritten to improve compatibility with international settings. Multi-resolution support improved.

1 Mar 05
"Buglist/whishlist" page updated.

24 Feb 05
Softer! new version 0.3.93: RitzDVB channel identification throught Caption, or throught SID/NID.
New channel editor SofterList.exe

20 Feb 05
Softer! new version 0.3.84: Support for RITZDVB

3 Feb 05

20 Jan 05
Softer! 0.2.13 archive updated: softerscheduler.mdb added (it was missing)

19 Jan 05
Softer! new version 0.2.13: internal scheduler, systray icon and more

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Last Softer! published version: 0.4

Welcome to the Softer! website, the application I'm developing.
With Softer! every satellite TV lover (like me) with a PC sat receiver can have a complete OSD (On Screen Display) with an EPG (Electronic Program Guide), in coupling with best-known TV application ProgDVB.

Main features

  • Devised and developed to be used with a remote control (with the aid of the remote-PC communication application "Girder", or a similar one);
  • Totally software engine, therefore no problem with budget boards (like Technisat SkyStar2) and/or in "overlay" rendering mode;
  • Sudied to pilot ProgDVB, MyTheatre and RitzDVB best-known DVB TV applications on PCs;
  • Based on the XMLTV standard, and not on the singularly satellite-transmitted EPGs: you've to download (via Internet or via satellite) the EPG for all channels ONCE every week, and you'll have the complete TV schedule.
  • It allows to schedule recordings;
  • It introduces the absolutely new function RecLag, to simply set up an advance & delay time in your scheduled recordings: so you can make your recording start some minute before and stop some minute after the "official" TV-guide timing table.


  • I was mainly inpired by two other softwares, to develop Softer!: the Girder plugin "NICE", never officially published on the Net, programmed by the italian guy BaciBaci2003 that I met on forums, and RitzDVB, a very good software similar to ProgDVB, currently in developement phase, but that already offers brilliant functions as the software-based OSD (simply, but anyway really good).
  • I've to say "thank you" also to a friend of mine, the developer and website creator Luca Lodini (, that helped me a lot when I was studying some algorithms, to make my application work speeder and smarter.

Softer! is free :)

Softer! is completely free, and it can be freely used for non-commercial purposes. Commercial uses are, anyway prohibited: if you want so, I invite you to contact me on the forum of this site. If you download Softer! and you find it useful (and only if you want) you can send me a little donation, also a single dollar, to reward me for my hours at the PC... you've only to click on one of these buttons to transfer any amount of money with PayPal, or with your credit card :)