Softer! development has been stopped at version 0.4 .

Last Softer! published version: 0.4

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11 Jan 05
Softer! bugfix version 0.2.1: fix for MyTheatre users (bug in channel change) and for ProgDVB users (schedule recording)

10 Jan 05
Softer! new version 0.2: configurable ProgDVB or MyTheatre paths and timeline EPG navigable for every channel in favorite list

7 Jan 05
Softer! new version 0.1.767: Whole multilanguage support and MULTI-RESOLUTIONS support.

4 Gen 05
Update for SofterConfig.exe (v. 0.35) with large fix in XMLTV file importer (look on download)

3 Jan 05
Softer! new version 0.1.690: several bug fixes and new FREE RECORDING function

2 Jan 05
Found a new bug that doesn't allow to open the EPG in timeline format after midnight on 31/12/04 (look on download)

29 Dec 04
Softer! new version 0.1.603: Support for MYTHEATRE.

28 Dec 04
Softer! new version 0.1.563: New CONFIGURATION UTILITY and other major modifies.

25 Dec 04
Softer! new version 0.1.546: little fix to web parser.

24 Dec 04
English version of the site opening!
I hope non-italian users will excuse me for my english :)

21 Dec 04
Softer! new version 0.1.542: some bug fix

20 Dec 04
[BufgFix] version 0.1.492: fix of a bug of .491 that prevented ProgDVB to start

Softer! new version 0.1.491: some bug fix and WEB PARSER to update TV schedules via internet (only italian channel, for the moment)!

19 Dec 04
Buglist/wishlist page updated

18 Dec 04
New Upload center, you can send me your config files, if you've a problem

16 Dec 04
Buglist/wishlist page published

15 Dec 04
Site opening and first public version of Softer! published (ver. 0.1.324) :-)